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The UP Forum Roundtable Discussion: Public Service in Higher Education

Raul G. Bradecina, Ph.D.
SUC President III
Partido State University
Camarines Sur
The University of the Philippines is succeeding in making public service an essential part of the higher education program. For Partido State University, the public service arm of UP has enabled a budding and growing University to access UP’s expertise to capacitate its faculty members as well as help enhance PSU students’ competency in highly technical courses where faculty members having advanced degrees are lacking or inadequate. For instance, UP has been consistently sending its experts from the National Institute of Geological Sciences (UP-NIGS) to conduct lectures for our geology students.
UP has …

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UP Forum Roundtable Discussion on Transportation: How do you solve a problem like EDSA?

A portion of the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) in Quezon City.
Grace L. Poe
Republic of the Philippines
Discipline is the most potent weapon. It should be a priority in the minds of commuters, drivers, car owners and those who drive motor vehicles not just on EDSA but elsewhere.
Unfortunately, discipline is something that cannot be legislated but only earnestly encouraged, promoted and displayed.
The following should also be encouraged:
a. Funding mass transit requirements of the country. It means fast-tracking the expansion of MRT and LRT, funding the upgrading of PNR, and the competent maintenance of the transport system.
b. Implementing our …

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The UP Forum Roundtable Discussion on Indigenous Studies (IS)

How do you define IS in the context of higher education?
Do we need a national policy(ies) or law(s) to make space for IS in higher education institutions?
What reforms must higher education university officials do to promote IS in their institutions through curriculum reforms? Through research? Through extension/public service?
Alejandro N. Ciencia Jr., PhD
Director, Cordillera Studies Center (CSC)
Assistant Professor, College of Social Sciences
UP Baguio
In my synthesis report for the International Seminar Workshop on Indigenous Studies held in June 2013 in Mandaluyong, I defined “indigenous studies” as that “field of inquiry which focuses on issues affecting people/s (and theirdescendants) who on …

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The UP Forum Roundtable Discussion: Pork Barrel and the Use (or Misuse) of Other Discretionary Funds

Q. Is there hope for the abolition of all pork?
If this is not an option, what measures are necessary to ensure that public funds go to target beneficiaries and are used judiciously and effectively?
Neri J. Colmenares, LL.B
Party-List Representative, Bayan Muna
House of Representatives
Republic of the Philippines
The rising outrage of the Filipino people over the pork barrel scam provided the impetus for the widespread call for the abolition of the pork barrel system. Thus, with the sustained and heightened peoples’ participation and pressure on government officials, there is hope for the abolition of the pork barrel system.
We, in Bayan …

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The UP Forum Roundtable Discussion

The National Land Use Act
Q. Is there hope for the National Land Use Act in the 16th Congress? Given the objections to its passage, what should be done to ensure the support of the 16th Congress?
Segfredo R. Serrano, PhD
Undersecretary for Planning, Research and
Development and Regulations
Department of Agriculture
In the last Congress, the National Land Use Bill passed the House of Representatives and very nearly crossed the finish line in the Senate. If prioritized by the Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council (Ledac) and certified again as urgent by the President, who now has effective control of both houses, there is …

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