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The ‘Panday’ Conspiracy

“Panday” by Toym Imao. Left photo: Shows the base which is both an anvil and a seafaring vessel. It also features a a stylized Philippine flag. Center photo: Shows the Oblation at the helm, and “padayon” spelled in baybayin (pre-colonial Filipino scripts). It also shows a stylized rendition of the brain and the letters “UP”. Right photo: Traditional okir patterns created a sail for the ship. The sculpture, when turned sideways, also shows a heart shape. (UP System Information Office).
It all began last week with my fellow chancellors at UP. With the term of the current president, Alfredo E. Pascual, …

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Pinoy Kasi: Mind, body, sports

The new season of the UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) has started, so I thought I’d write about sports.
I’ll start out by saying I’m the most unathletic person imaginable. Last March, when I assumed my new work at UP Diliman, I was told that one of my tasks was to attend UAAP board meetings.  “What’s that?” I said, thinking it meant University Academic something.
If ever there was a nerd, it was me, “condemned” early in life to that stereotype. I was frail (in more ways than one) and sickly, and wore thick glasses. All that sent signals to …

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Pinoy Kasi: Pride of place

This is a story about two places a thousand miles apart—University of the Philippines Diliman and a reef off Palawan—and about the importance of realizing that who we are depends on our sense of pride of place.
Last Monday we had our first flag-raising ceremony for the year at my college in UP Diliman. This is done in front of Palma Hall, more popularly known as “AS.” Every time we have the ceremony, as we play the Philippine national anthem and the university song, “UP Naming Mahal,” I feel moved. And then I spot the paint peeling off Palma’s grand columns, …

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