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Geography in the Field: A Course-Based Extension Program

Participatory 3D Mapping project of Geog 192 students led by Mr. Emmanuel Garcia with the local participants of Paracale, Camarines Norte in partnership with UNICEF.
Geography focuses on the study of the earth as the home of humans. A holistic discipline, it examines human-environment interactions, spatial processes, and the development of places and localities. It studies the physical and human processes of the earth and investigates how these produce different landscapes. It uses geographic techniques such as spatial analysis, cartography, geographic information science (GIScience), remote sensing, and statistical methods to explore and comprehend the complexities of natural and cultural systems and …

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UP team about to complete mapping of flood-prone areas

An all-Filipino team of scientists from the University of the Philippines (UP) is about to complete the creation of flood hazard maps that can accurately forecast the path of flash floods for some of the most flood-prone areas in the country.
After less than two years, the UP Disaster Risk and Exposure Assessment for Mitigation (Dream), the biggest component of the government’s Noah (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards) project, reported that it has finished acquiring data for 17 of the 18 critical river basins.
Dr. Enrico Paringit, head of the UP Dream team, said the mapping of the floodplain areas around Cagayan …

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