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Revisiting History with Journalism: Presented by NHK WORLD TV

A Special Lecture and Documentary Screening at the University of the Philippines
NHK WORLD TV from Japan collaborates with the University of the Philippines to present a special lecture for students of the College of Mass Communication. Following a screening of a documentary detailing the history between the Philippines and Japan after World War Two, students will explore the role investigative journalism plays in uncovering the truth while engaging in lively discussion with a panel of speakers consisting of the documentary’s producers and NHK WORLD journalists.
Quezon City, Manila, Philippines – 21st April 2017, Friday
Several classes from the University of the Philippines’ …

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7 UPCIS’ Bunraku Students Participate in the 4th UPCIS Global Studies Tour

Student-participants of the 4th UPCIS Global Studies Tour in Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan From Left to Right: Jamievee Bautista (2nd yr BA Sociology, Kotsuzumi shoulder drummer), Lizette Inocencio (4th yr BA Psychology, shamisen player), Cristine Lian Domingo (4th yr BA Anthropology, tayu or chanter), Reynamae Longay (4h yr BA Public Administration, puppeteer), Loraine Chulipa (3rd yr BS Psychology, puppeteer), Claire Aragon (4th yr BA Psychology, puppeteer), Rica Papa (2nd yr BS Interior Design, tayu or chanter).
The UP Center for International Studies (UPCIS) East and Southeast Asian Studies Division in partnership with Yokohama National University (YNU) sent seven (7) of …

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UP CMC students to join Japan exchange program

Senior University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication (UP CMC) Journalism and Communication Research students Meryl Louise Brown, Angela Isabel Lustre and Edmer Maguan will join the Philippines’ 139-member delegation to the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange Students and Youth Program (JENESYS 2.0) from May 26 to June 03 in Japan.
Brown, Lustre and Maguan will join Batch 9 of the youth exchange program which focuses on ASEAN and Japanese heritage, traditional culture, contemporary culture and arts.
Organized by the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the program seeks to deepen the Philippine youth’s understanding of and interest in Japan. The initiative …

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UP Asian Center hosting an exhibit on Ukiyo-e

In cooperation with the Japan Foundation, Spaces of the Floating World: Ukiyoe Landscapes of 19th Century Japan runs from 13 February to 31 March 2014 at the Japan Hall, Hall of Wisdom, GT-Toyota Asian Cultural Center, University of the Philippines-Diliman.
Ukiyo-e literally means “pictures of the floating world” in Japanese. They refer to colored woodblock prints that flourished during the Edo Period between the 17th and 19th centuries. The ukiyo-e were initially patronized as “pillow book” manuals to teach lovemaking, but eventually broadened its content to cover the plays and actors of kabuki theater, as well as Japanese rural and urban …

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