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Internationalizing the National University: The UP President Speaks

In an interview with the UP FORUM, the UP President shares his insights on internationalization and what it means to UP as the national university. In particular, he discusses (1) UP’s purpose and how it contributes to the internationalization efforts of the higher education sector; (2) the challenges in pursuing internationalization; (3) UP’s strategies to pursue it; (4) key points in the internationalization of higher education institutions (HEIs); and (5) the impact of ASEAN Community 2015 on Philippines HEIs.
President Alfredo E. Pascual
UP FORUM: Why internationalize higher education? What does internationalization mean to UP as the national university?
For me, internationalization is …

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Katutubong Kaalaman sa Pagpapaunlad ng Komunidad

Para sa mga Oromo, isang Cushitic na katutubo na naninirahan sa Ethiopia, hilagang Kenya at ilang bahagi ng Somalia, Africa, iisa ang diyos: si Waagaa o Waaqa.
Ayon kay Propesor Workineh Kelbessa ng Addis Ababa University,1 si Waagaa ang “Nauna sa Lahat,” ang tagapaglikha ng mundo. Si Waaga din ang diyos ng kalangitan, at sa aspeto ng mabait na tagapangalaga at tagapagtanggol ng mga tao, si Waagaa ay kulay itim.
Kwento ni Yosef Beco Dubi, isang PhD student ng Addis Ababa University na nagbahagi ng kanyang saliksik tungkol sa “Indigenous Knowledge in Oral Narratives of Oromo Society and Its Significance to Sustainable …

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Hope of the Future

Student Leaders Speak Up Post-Yolanda
UP Tacloban students for 1000 Meals Concert and Balck Shirt Day Protest.
Students may look at natural calamities differently after the recent Super Typhoon Yolanda devastated the whole of Eastern Visayas. Students may start thinking about the road ahead for safety, preparedness and rehabilitation in times of disasters, by ignoring which students,  faculty and staff of UP Tacloban and Palo, among others, were left in a vulnerable situation.
The most vital part of planning, say representatives from student institutions, is that efforts must not only provide relief and psychosocial activities but also long-term solutions for the sustenance of …

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Philippine Feudal Society: The Pork in the Machine

Photo from wikicommons
On July 12, 2013, an expose by the Philippine Daily Inquirer set off a wave of explosions in the public sphere. As the mass and social media unraveled the knotty story of scandal, corruption, fraud and theft in the highest places involving amounts that beggar the phrase “mind-boggling,” Filipinos came together, united by a sense of anger and betrayal at this latest, egregious breach of public trust.
This mass outrage found expression in the Million People March on August 26. Thousands gathered in peaceful indignation rallies at the Luneta Park in Manila, and at other public venues in cities …

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“Avoid Obscurantism”

Atty. Gatmaytan on the JDF
In the following interview with the UP FORUM, Atty. Dante B. Gatmaytan of the UP College of Law discusses the Judicial Development Fund and how it is similar/different from the discretionary funds of legislators and members of the executive branch. He also shares his insights about the Fund’s effectiveness and how it has been used over the years.
Q. The Judiciary Development Fund (JDF) was established through PD No. 1949 to help ensure and guarantee the independence of the Judiciary as mandated by the Constitution and public policy. How is this different from or similar to the …

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