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Indigenous Community Conserved Areas and the Manila Declaration on ICCAs

Sagada’s Mountain ridges serve as places of soul-calling expedition during Begnas. Photo: H. Padchao
In recent years, indigenous people’s organizations, principally members of the Koalisyon ng mga Katutubo at Samahan ng Pilipinas/National Coalition of Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines (KASAPI, Inc.), have held regional, national and even international engagements on indigenous community-conserved areas (ICCAs).
ICCAs are areas within ancestral domains including lakes, coastal seas, forests and watersheds imbued with deep spiritual and cultural values for indigenous peoples. ICCA is generic. But under local terms, ICCAs have specific names that indigenous peoples identify them with, including the deepest part of a river, shoreline …

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In Search of Common Ground: Indigenous Education and Western Academics for Biodiversity Conservation

Photo from Wikicommons
In a rapidly changing world driven by technology, mass media and the effects of climate change, knowledge of biodiversity conservation has become an absolute necessity. And in their eagerness to be able to discover as well as implement various techniques in adapting to the environment, research institutions as well as academia have become more receptive to such alternative sources of expertise as the indigenous communities.
In an interview with the UP Forum, San Francisco State University Professor and Cultural Conservancy President Dr. Melissa Nelson said that in recent years indigenous knowledge has become more attractive for some members of …

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Message of the UP President: ICCAs at the Core of Development

Editor’s Note: This message was delivered during the First National Conference on Indigenous Community Conserved Areas (ICCAs) held on 29-30 March 2012 at the UP Diliman National College of Public Administration and Governance Assembly Hall.
We are here today to give due recognition to the historic role of our indigenous peoples in protecting and preserving our environment. Yes, this conference is a tribute to our lumads whose cultural heritage and religious practices have ensured the preservation of what little is left of our environment.
This tribute is only fitting given our penchant to squander our resources in the mistaken belief that it …

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