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Pinoy physicists find way to slow down light by ‘twisting’ it

Two Filipino physicists have just found a way to slow light down without touching it, by making it “twist” as it moves through space.
The discovery has potential practical applications in telecommunications and computer technology.
Researchers Nestor Bareza and Nathaniel Hermosa from the University of the Philippines’ National Institute of Physics have been working with a special kind of laser called a Laguerre-Gauss (LG) beam, which has orbital angular momentum—or, put simply, it “twists”—as it travels through space.
In their paper published today, May 27, in the journal Scientific Reports, Bareza and Hermosa were able to precisely describe in mathematical terms how the …

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UP law grad tops 2015 Bar exams

A law graduate from the University of the Philippines topped the 2015 Bar examinations.
The results of the 2015 Bar examinations were announced by Supreme Court Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-De Castro, who chaired the exams, at a press briefing on Tuesday afternoon.
Rachel Angeli Miranda got the highest mark with 87.4, followed by Athena Plaza of the University of San Carlos with 87.2.

The top 10 pic.twitter.com/nmbmPgYRQx
— Lia Del Castillo (@LiaManalac) May 3, 2016

Other UP graduates got the third, sixth, and ninth spots. The 10th spot went to a graduate of the Bulacan State University. [ A graduate from San Beda College-Manila also …

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Social media used responsibly is a force for good—#IMSocialxUP forum

UP Vice-President for Public Affairs Popoy De Vera delivers UP President Pascual’s message during the “#IMSocialxUP: The GMANews Think Before You Click and YouScoop Session” held at Malcolm Hall, College of Law, UP Diliman on January 28, while the hosts, GMA news field reporter Athena Imperial and UP Department of Political Science Assistant Professor Robert Go, look on.
Social media can be a powerful force for good. How it can be used to effect positive social change, whether in advocacy work, in monitoring the performance of elected officials, or in simply changing a person’s life for the better, were the topics …

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