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SC decision on Bt eggplant brings ‘rays of hope’ to UP scientists, agri stakeholders

UP Vice President for Academic Affairs Gisela P. Concepcion. Photo by Jun Madird (UPSIO).
According to UP Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Gisela P. Concepcion, the recent decision of the Philippine Supreme Court to dismiss the Petition for Writ of Continuing Mandamus and Writ of Kalikasan with Prayer for Issuance of a Temporary Environmental Protection Order (TEPO) that first stopped the field testing of Bt eggplant in 2013 brought “rays of hope” to UP researchers, as well as to stakeholders in the feed miller and livestock/poultry industries.
Concepcion stated in an interview that the Supreme Court’s reversal of its December 2015 …

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The end of agri research?

UP president Fred Pascual had an unusual Christmas card he posted on Facebook during the holidays. He announced the gift of health that comes from a rice-corn blend.
The Institute of Plant Breeding at UP Los Baños has come up with a 70:30 blend of rice and QPM (quality protein maize). By combining the superb taste of rice and the low glycemic index property of corn, the product can serve as a health-promoting staple in the Filipino diet.
As Fred explained it, “It is slow-digesting: no sudden rise in blood sugar, best for building stamina, and great for the figure-conscious (no craving …

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The SC kills Bt talong, and takes down Philippine science as well

A Filipino scientist blasts Supreme Court justices for ruling against GMO field trials, debunking claims they’re not safe

“No consensus on safety,” says the headline as news outlets reported yesterday that the Supreme Court has banned field trials for Bt talong, a GMO eggplant developed to resist pests.
I have no words. But as a scientist and as a plant biologist, I have to speak up.
There is clear consensus! Ask the various national academies of science around the world, or the various independent scientific professional societies. They have concluded that GMO technology is safe.
An Italian research in 2014 published a major review …

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Biotech advocates seek reversal of SC decision banning Bt talong field tests

A network of biotechnology advocates is set to launch a nationwide campaign to counter the Supreme Court’s (SC) recent decision that permanently stopped the field testing of the transgenic Bacillus thuringiensis eggplant or Bt talong and voided a key government policy on biotechnology adoption.
Reynaldo Cabanao, national president of the Asian Farmers Network (ASFARNET)-Philippines, said Friday they have started to mobilize their ranks for the massive signature drive urging for the reversal of the SC decision.
Cabanao, a farmer leader from Malaybalay City said they will also hold a series of consultations and awareness campaigns among their members and farmers at the …

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