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Pinoy physicists find way to slow down light by ‘twisting’ it

Two Filipino physicists have just found a way to slow light down without touching it, by making it “twist” as it moves through space.
The discovery has potential practical applications in telecommunications and computer technology.
Researchers Nestor Bareza and Nathaniel Hermosa from the University of the Philippines’ National Institute of Physics have been working with a special kind of laser called a Laguerre-Gauss (LG) beam, which has orbital angular momentum—or, put simply, it “twists”—as it travels through space.
In their paper published today, May 27, in the journal Scientific Reports, Bareza and Hermosa were able to precisely describe in mathematical terms how the …

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We have a new tarsier species – UP biologists

Tarsier sitting on a flower pot in Loreto, Dinagat. Photo by Melizar V. Duya.
The genes have spoken. The Dinagat tarsier is a new Philippine tarsier species.
Dr. Perry S. Ong of the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman Institute of Biology (IB) shared the good news today, after the group’s paper, “Conservation Genetics of the Philippine Tarsier: Cryptic Genetic Variation Restructures Conservation Priorities for an Island Archipelago Primate,” was published on PLOS ONE.
Genetic tests performed as part of this study by a multi-country team of scientists have proven this: the tarsier found on Dinagat Island is distinct from its relatives in …

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