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UP creates NOAH Center

The University of the Philippines UP, by virtue of the  approval of the Board of Regents on Feb. 23 and an Executive Order from UP Pres. Danilo L. Concepcion, established the NOAH Center (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards – NOAH Center for climate actions and disaster risk reduction management) in UP on March 21.
The NOAH Center takes off from Project NOAH which began as a research program under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in 2012. In the past five years, the project harnessed technologies and management services for disaster risk reduction activities. These were  offered by DOST through …

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UP to hold Climate Change Summit

The University of the Philippines through the UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies (UP CIDS), Office of the Vice President for Public Affairs (OVPPA), and Office of the Vice President for Administration (OVPA) is bringing together representatives from its constituent units to hold the first Green UP Summit entitled “Catalyzing Climate Change Resilience and Environmental Sustainability, 2017 and Beyond” on December 6 to 7, 2016 at the University Hotel, UP Diliman, Quezon City.
Through Green UP, the University of the Philippines is duty-bound to contribute to sustainable development and social responsibility by crafting new strategic options aligned with desired national …

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Philippine Cities Need to be Learning and Resilient

UP Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs, Assistant Professor Ranjit Rye and UP Vice President for Public Affairs, Professor Prospero De Vera at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.
In an era of climate change and disasters, local governments in developing countries need to be both “learning cities” and “resilient cities”.
This was the assessment presented by UP Professors Prospero de Vera and Ranjit Rye in their paper entitled “E-resilience for Disaster Risk Management in a Developing State: the Philippine Case” during the 13th PASCAL International Conference on Learning Cities held at the University of Glasgow recently.
The Learning Cities 2040 conference (http://conference2016.pascalobservatory.org) brought …

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UP launches RESILIENCE website

In celebration of Earth Day, the University of the Philippines (UP) launches an online knowledge hub featuring UP’s expertise and resources on disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) including both climate change adaptation and disaster risk mitigation.
RESILIENCE or REsources for Science-Informed LIteracy and ENgagement towards Building Community ResiliencE, is the UP website which will respond to the need for climate- and disaster-related information and services from the country’s experts in the engineering, geology, governance, community development and other fields integral to the mitigation and preparation of communities for the impacts of climate change and disaster risk.
The website is a product …

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UP hosts launching of climate change #NowPH Campaign on 6 Oct

The  Climate  Change  Commission  (CCC)  and  the  National  Youth  Commission  (NYC),  with  the  support  of partners such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Building Low Emission  Alternatives  to  Develop  Economic  Resilience  and  Sustainability  (B-LEADERS)  Project  and  the Friedrich  Naumann  Foundation  for  Freedom  (FNF),  among  others,  are  launching  #NowPH:  One  Million Filipino Youth Voices for Climate Action – a youth-led campaign calling for a positive outcome during the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, France this December.
#NowPH,  or  Not  on  Our  Watch  Philippines,  aims  to  consolidate  at  least  a  million  pledges  of  support  and amplify …

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UP’s disaster preparedness class becoming more popular

DISASTER RESILIENCE. The group of UP students produced informational videos on disaster mitigation. All photos by Marvic Pastrana. Photo originally posted on Rappler.com
We don’t need superheroes to save people in need during disasters. With the right tools and the right information, everyone can be their own hero.
This is the message of a group of University of the Philippines – Diliman students who made a video to teach their fellow students about disaster mitigation and preparedness.
The video, titled ‘Superhero’, was conceptualized and produced by Michael Azul, Maeryl Lagumbay, Jhubyel dela Cruz, Rose Quiocho, and Benjamin Mirasol as part of a special class …

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Climate Adaptive Local Planning: The Camotes Experience

Kids in Barangay Esperanza. Photo from Desiree Llanos-Dee, Climate Change Commission
Vast, white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters in subterranean caves, secret scuba diving spots, strictly enforced marine sanctuaries, and a pristine lake —these are the natural wonders that the municipality of San Francisco, Camotes Islands, is trying  to protect.
The Philippines, being the third most at risk to the impacts of climate change, is facing vulnerability issues that can have profound impacts on its people’s well-being. As such, long-term planning in local government units is an imperative for building resilience—most especially for people at the grassroots who are likely bear the brunt of …

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The New Order: Climate-Proofing and Climate-Resilient Expenditure

In an interview with the UP Forum, Commissioner Naderev M. Saño of the Climate Change Commission discusses the People’s Survival Fund and how the government intends to use it, among others. Excerpts:
FORUM: How does the Aquino administration intend to use the People’s Survival Fund from 2013 until 2016?
Saño: The People’s Survival Fund (PSF) is intended solely for local government units (LGUs) and local community organizations. The utilization of the PSF will  depend on the projects proposed by LGUs and local communities. The PSF is meant to finance adaptation programs and projects directly supportive of the objectives enumerated in the Local …

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Power Switch

Reconsidering Renewable Energy
Artwork by Arbeen Acuña
“Gravely disappointed” with Benigno Aquino III’s echoing of “antiquated arguments that the coal industry uses to slam renewable energy (RE),” Greenpeace has urged the president to “change his tune, ditch his outdated fossil fuel playbook.”1
During his State of the Nation Address, Aquino said that REs are “more expensive—from the cost of building the plants to the eventual price of energy.”2 According to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) desk study “RE in the Philippines: Costly or Competitive,” fossil fuels cost more compared with RE in terms of  its impact on health and the environment.
Less …

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Making the change to save the planet

In the wake of a disaster, it is practically tradition for the public to pass the blame for the devastation. What is often downplayed is the personal element. Yet it is the smallest social institutions—the community, family and individual—that play the greatest role in enabling the country to face the extreme weather events that have now become the norm.
Change is inevitable
Artwork by Arbeen Acuña
Because of our geographic location and our vulnerability to extreme weather events, most if not all Filipinos are already taking steps to adapt to the effects of a changing global climate system.
“I think lifestyle changes as a …

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