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Each UP constituent university has its own UP Webmail service. UP students are given free UP Webmail accounts as soon as they register with the Webmail service of their CU. For details on how to register and access your own UP Webmail account, please click on the link of your CU below.


Diliman (Webmail)
Los Baños (Webmail)
Manila (Webmail powered by Google)
Visayas (Webmail powered by Google)
Open University (Webmail powered by Google)
Mindanao (Webmail powered by Google)
Baguio (Email powered by OpenWebMail)

For questions on the UP Webmail accounts, please also click on the links above and check the FAQs section. Your inquiry might have already been answered. If not, contact information on the Webmail service of your constituent university can also be found in the links above.

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