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Newborn Screening Center2Under Section 3 of the University of the Philippines Charter of 2008 (Republic Act 9500), one of the purposes of the national university is to “(a)Lead in setting academic standards and initiating innovations in teaching, research and faculty development in philosophy, the arts and humanities, the social sciences, professions and engineering, natural sciences, mathematics, and technology; and maintain centers of excellence in such disciplines and professions;”

The UP Charter also provides that UP shall “(c)Serve as a research university in various fields of expertise and specialization by conducting basic and applied research and development, and promoting research in various colleges and universities, and contributing to the dissemination and application of knowledge;”

Abiding by these provisions, the UP, through its constituent universities and campuses, has engaged in research which are considered essential not only for the deepening of knowledge, but also in the pursuit of public service.

cover_UPKWThe U.P. Knowledge Festival Flipbook is a celebration of the success of the first “U.P. Knowledge Festival: Utak at Puso para sa Bayan” held for three days in April 2016 in Tagaytay City.  The event gathered together the University’s top scientists, researchers, and artists with a goal to forge stronger interdisciplinary collaborations among themselves, and to work together to effectively showcase to media and the general public the products of their work.

With the amount of new knowledge that is being generated from different research projects, it was a timely opportunity to communicate the important applications, as well as the significance and relevance of U.P.’s research and creative work to Philippine society.

The three-day event consisted of plenary sessions and exhibits, and was an exercise in self-assembly as U.P. researchers and artists who have produced significant output prepared publicity materials about their work.

The U.P. Knowledge Festival is an invaluable contribution to bring together the Arts & Humanities and the different Sciences together for inter-, cross-, and trans-disciplinary collaborations. It is hoped that this will be an endeavor that will be continued in future U.P. Administrations.

For more information on the research programs of the university, you may visit the Office of the Vice President on Academic Affairs website.


Below are some links of from the constituent universities which details the research endeavors of the members of their faculty and research personnel.

Research Centers

Batan Mariculture Station
Brackishwater Aquaculture Center
Building Research Service
Center for Integrative and Development Studies
Center for Leadership, Citizenship, and Democracy
Center for Local and Regional Governance
Center for Policy and Executive Development
Center for West Visayan StudiesLeptospirosis Lab at college of public health
Central Visayas Studies Center
Committee on Culture and the Arts
Cordillera Studies Center
Cordillera/Northern Luzon Archives
Farming Systems and Soil Resources Institute of the Agricultural Systems Cluster
Folklore Studies Program
Freshwater Aquaculture Station
Gender Studies Program (KASARIAN)
Institute of Creative Writing
Institute for Small-Scale Industries
Institute of Animal Science of the Animal and Dairy Science Cluster
Institute of Biology
Newborn Screening Center1Institute of Chemistry
Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology
Institute of Food Science and Technology of the Food Science Cluster
Institute of Management
Institute of Mathematics
Institute of Plant Breeding of the Crop Science Cluster
Leyte-Samar Heritage Center
Marine Science Institute
National Center for Transportation Studies
National Crop Protection Center of the Crop Protection Cluster
National Hydraulic Research Center
National Institute of Geological Sciences
National Institute of Physics
National Institutes of Health
Natural Sciences Research Institute
Sentro ng Wikang Filipino
Social Science Research and Extension Institute
Senen H. Escamos 2Summer Institute for Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Taklong Island Nat’l Marine Reserve
Third World Studies Center
Training Center for Applied Geodesy and Photogrammetry
U.P. Industrial Research Service Center
UP Population Institute
UPD National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB)
UPLB National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH)
UPV National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (UPV-BIOTECH)