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UP Gender Guidelines

Guidelines on Promoting Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality in the University of the Philippines

Approved by the UP Board of Regents on its 1309th Meeting, 22 July 2015
To download a copy of these Guidelines, please click here.

WHEREAS, the University of the Philippines, hereinafter referred to as “the University”, upholds the principles of human rights and gender equality;
WHEREAS, the University upholds the 1987 Constitution which explicitly recognizes the role of women in nation building and the fundamental equality before the law of women and men, as well as the Magna Carta of Women (Republic Act No. 9710) and its implementing rules and …

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Are Filipino Children Still At The Margins?

Children’s Rights Implementation under the Aquino Administration
Photo from Wikicommons
The Philippines is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. As a State Party, the Philippines is subject to review by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and feedback on its progress in ensuring that the rights of Filipino children are being met. The Council on the Welfare of Children (CWC) is the mandated institutional mechanism of the Philippine government responsible for the coordination, implementation and monitoring of the State party‘s international and national commitments or obligations to its Children.
To date, the Philippines …

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Impossible Mission?

The Challenge of Informed Decision-Making on International Migration
Since the 1970s, millions of Filipinos have gone abroad in search of better job opportunities. For a growing number of Filipino families, overseas labor migration has become the only option to escape poverty. A substantial portion of these overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are women who take on jobs primarily in the services sector as factory workers, entertainers, nurses, and so on.
These OFWs are celebrated as modern-day heroes (bagong bayani) in recognition of all the sacrifices they have made and endured for the sake of their families. They have also made tremendous contributions to …

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Entertaining Politics and Politicizing Entertainment

Filipinos are fascinated with entertainment even before colonization. From traditional public recitations of our epics to the contemporary forms of storytelling in kalye seryes, we always find ways to entertain ourselves. Perhaps, our fascination with entertainment has been reinforced throughout our history of suffering. We treat entertainment as a way to ‘escape’ our daily troubles. In effect, we anoint entertainers as ‘heroes’ who save us from our melancholic lives.
Electoral campaigns deploy celebrity endorsers to capture the attention of the voting public. This strategy plays around with both our fascination with entertainment and our adoration of entertainers. Celebrities are perceived as …

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The Crises of Representation in the Philippines and the Role of Charter Change

Members of the House of Representatives pose for posterity following a five-hour orientation on the intricacies and art of being effective legislators, held on July 2013. Photos by G. Engay and P. Camero, Media Relations Service, House of Representatives.
The Aquino Administration would like to believe that it has made strides in improving transparency and accountability. While there is empirical support for this, corruption is not the only gripping problem of Philippine democracy. There is also a need to improve government responsiveness, political inclusion, and popular participation.
There is reason to believe that current political leadership has not paid attention to these …

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Choosing leaders with clear environment platforms

Urban growth and environment experts called on voters to evaluate the development and ecological agendas of candidates as they choose who to vote in the Philippine national elections on May 9.
The country needs leaders who are sensitive to the need for better urban growth management and sustainable practices in the face of climate change, the experts said at the public forum called Sayran, Barugan! on 20 March 2016.
The event co-hosted by University of the Philippines Cebu and TV 5 at the school’s main campus in Cebu City served as a prelude to the second leg of 2016 presidential debates organized …

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The Enduring Curse of Patronage Politics

Why Filipinos should not elect a patrimonial president in the 2016 elections
All throughout Philippine history, a small number of extremely influential families possessing vast lands and huge corporations have ruled our government. The notoriety of patronage system and oligarchic culture in the country has inspired numerous experts and scholars to coin equally notorious terms to describe the severity of conditions underpinning Philippine politics – anarchy of families, booty capitalism, non-substantive democracy, ersatz capitalism and cacique democracy, among others.
When the U.S. colonial regime transplanted its brand of representative democracy into our oligarch-infested economy, it virtually cleared the pathway for the systematic …

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Let the true will of the people prevail

Three years ago, in the run-up to the 2013 elections, UP broke new ground as the first Philippine university to build a website for the elections.
We organized the UP sa Halalan 2013 to help promote an informed, clean, and honest election. This project had pioneering and novel features, such as fact-checking.
Our experts verified the candidate’s claims and propaganda, thereby helping voters make intelligent decisions.
We fielded our professors on various media platforms to help enlighten voters on electoral issues.
For the 2016 elections, we are expanding our horizons as we engage more members of the UP community.
This time, aside from our own …

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Dealing with Criminal (In)Justice in the Philippines

The Philippine National Police is optimizing the use of technology in Crime Prevention and Crime Solution by launching the Bantay Krimen Mobile App at National Headquarters, Camp Crame. Photo from the Philippine National Police website.
Central American countries have a term for repressive policing strategies on crime: “Mano Dura” (Iron Fist). The tough rhetoric on crime policy in a region marked by high homicide rates and gang violence has propelled candidates into the presidencies of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Perhaps we are heading in that direction too.
In the other side of the Pacific Ocean, the Duterte-Cayetano tandem has brought the …

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The Implication of not voting in May

Aside from a sense of duty and love of country, more Filipinos should vote on May 9, 2016. The reason is tied to the very essence of democracy.
Statistical analysis indicates that because there are only two effective candidates in local elections, non-voting will make one’s least preferred candidate win. Here are the details of my argument:
Elections are no doubt stressful for candidates and the Comelec, but such stress is healthy for our democracy. Democracy is often measured through the regularity of electoral exercises and the extent to which these exercises are competitive.
So what if one cannot vote? What has voting …

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