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Financial Accountability Report (FAR) No. 3 (For DBM and COA purposes)

2016 Financial Accountability Report (FAR) No. 3 (For DBM and COA purposes)
Closing of books in progress

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UP biologists discover “the smallest among giant flowers”

R. consueloae Image 1 Photo by Edwino S. Fernando with a ruler behind to show scale
A new species of Rafflesia, with an average diameter of 9.73 centimeters has been discovered by a team of UP biologists near the Pantabangan Masiway Hydroelectric Power Plant (PMHEP) in Nueva Ecjia. This amazing new discovery now holds the world record of being the smallest among giant flowers. Named Rafflesia consueloae, this new species has been published in the open access journal Phytokeys last 25 February 2016. The Rafflesia consueloae is found only in the Philippines and so far thrives in only two sites in the …

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The SC kills Bt talong, and takes down Philippine science as well

A Filipino scientist blasts Supreme Court justices for ruling against GMO field trials, debunking claims they’re not safe

“No consensus on safety,” says the headline as news outlets reported yesterday that the Supreme Court has banned field trials for Bt talong, a GMO eggplant developed to resist pests.
I have no words. But as a scientist and as a plant biologist, I have to speak up.
There is clear consensus! Ask the various national academies of science around the world, or the various independent scientific professional societies. They have concluded that GMO technology is safe.
An Italian research in 2014 published a major review …

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