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Profiles of new UP scientists

Senen Escamos and UPLB’s Amazing Rice

Scientist Escamos while on fieldwork in Tublay, Benguet. (Photo courtesy of Senen Escamos)
Walking through rice paddies in a colorful wide-brimmed hat and folded up jeans, it would be difficult to miss Senen Escamos. The sureness of her step betrays her near-30 years of experience in the field. And gazing at the scene from afar, one can sense something of great importance being studied here. Something, perhaps, of great national benefit.
What could be missed from the attire, however, despite its appropriateness for the setting, is her stature as an award-winning scientist. Media from the developed world has created a curious stereotype …

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Dr. Evangeline C. Santiago: Improving Labs and Saving Lives

Dr. Santiago working in a laboratory in UP Diliman. Photo by UP Diliman Information Office.
“The air in Metro Manila could be cancerous.”[1]
Earlier this year, one of UP’s most prolific scientists issued this warning in an article for a popular daily showing the results of a research study linking air pollution and breast cancer. Although many have remarked about the dangers posed by Metro Manila’s polluted air, this warning was different from most.
Clearly this was someone with a very clear grasp of the subject. But this in itself was not the most important thing revealed by the writing – after all …

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Dr. Maria Corazon A. De Ungria: A Scientist’s Quest to Use DNA to Find Justice for All

Dr. De Ungria working in a laboratory in UP Diliman. (Photo from UP Diliman Information Office)
“She was stabbed on the left side of her body with blood on her abdomen spilling out on the floor.”[i]
This grisly observation may sound like it came from a popular crime drama series, like CSI. The source, however, is someone much closer to home. And behind the criminal cases and powers of deduction that many have associated with this source is a vision for the field of DNA analysis that is changing how justice is delivered in the country.
Since 1999, Dr. Maria Corazon A. De …

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