Strategic Plan 2011-2017

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The Path to Greatness

UP’s path can be nothing else than the path, not only to the greatness of its past, but beyond it.  This University must seize the leadership in the making of a globally competitive Philippines.  But even more urgently, it should be focused on addressing those problems of the country that for decades have resisted solution.

Our Vision for UP

A great university, taking a leadership role in the development of a globally competitive Philippines

Driven by:

Academic excellence and operational excellence;

Strong research and creative capability, supported by an expanded graduate program and geared to addressing the country’s problems;

Excellent faculty and staff working in an environment conducive to outstanding performance and high productivity;

The best and brightest students from across the country prepared for successful careers and responsive citizenship;

Strong support from the alumni and other stakeholders;

High visibility and effective public service;

Modernized physical facilities and technological infrastructure for teaching, research and administration; and

Financial sustainability achieved by resource generation and administrative efficiency, while preserving its public character.

One University One UP

The remaking of UP as a great university can only be achieved through our unified effort, and our individual and collective recognition that we are ONE UP.

Although we are a system with:

Seven constituent universities and one autonomous college

15 campuses scattered all over the country

Over 50,000 students-80% undergraduate and 20% graduate

Close to 4,000 full-time faculty-72% with graduate degrees

Over 1,000 part-time faculty

Over 1,000 research and extension staff

Over 8,000 administrative personnel

Over 260,000 alumni scattered across the globe

We are One UP guided by One Charter, upholding the same tradition of honor and excellence. Moving UP toward greatness is possible through the unified effort of its students, faculty, researchers, administrative staff and alumni.

As UP students, we are here to learn not just the knowledge and skills in abundance in our classrooms, libraries and laboratories, but also the life-lessons of our communities, our nation, and the world.

As UP faculty, we are here to teach, and do meaningful research and extension work.

As UP researcher and administrative staff, we are here to perform our duties with integrity and selflessness.

As UP officials, we are here to further the values of democratic governance rooted in the imperative of consultations with UP’s constituencies.

As UP alumni, we are the living embodiment of UP’s best achievements.

As the national university, UP must lead our country toward true national development and global competitiveness while nurturing the spirit of our nationhood.

Below is the President’s updates on the Strategic Initiatives for the university.

For more details on UP’s Strategic Plan, please click through the document below.

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